How to Play Games
There are various ways to find a game to play. You can select one of the top games and just go and play it by clicking on it. Alternatively you can scroll down and select one of the categories and select games from there.

If you want to have your scores logged or take part in tournaments then you would need to first register to play.

Registration is free and you will have access to all of the games on the site.
How to Register
Click on the "Register" link in the menu or in the navigation bar. This will take you to the Registration page.

Complete the required details in the applicable fields. Agree to the "Terms & Conditions" and click on the "Register" button. An email containing your registration details will be sent to you.

If you are unable to login, close your browser, open it up and attempt to login again.

Please note that only one email address can be used per user.
How to Change Your Password
To change your password is very easy:

1. Click on the "My Profile" button in the Menu.

2. Click on the "Edit Profile Details" button.

3. Enter your new password in both of the password fields and click the submit button.


Your profile will be updated and in future you can access your account with your new password.

How to Enter a Tournament
First you need to go to the Tournaments page. You can do this by clicking on the "Tournaments" button in the Menu.

You will be taken to a screen and shown all of the current tournaments you would be able to take part in. On this screen you would be able to then see what the cost would be to enter each of the tournaments as well as the respective prices.

To take part in the tournaments you would need to pay a couple of Credits, but you can win a great deal more.

Once you have clicked the "Join" button for a particular tournament you will need to Confirm the required amount of Credits to start the game.

The tournaments always run for a couple of days after which you will be contacted via e-mail if you won the Tournament.
How to Contact Us
You can reach us through the "Contact Us" contact form, found in the footer of the site.

Once you have clicked on the link, you will be taken to the page containing the contact form.

Simply fill out the contact form and submit and we will contact you regarding your query.
The Games Site Privacy Policy
We collect personally identifying information during site registration and this information is used solely for the purposes of managing your access to the site. We may use such information to fulfill prizes, track compliance with our rules, or for content improvement and feedback purposes.

All registrants receive e-mail confirming their registration.

Players e-mail addresses are never posted on the games web site.
How do I Get Started?
In order to make use of this FREE portal you will need to register with us. Once you have done this you can make use of all of the FREE services.
How to Add Favorite Games
If you play a game that you like, you can select it to be added to your “Favorites”. Click “Info” on the game you like and click on the little heart icon below the main image, this will automatically add the game to your favorites list.

To view your list of favorite games, click on your profile, scroll down and click on “Games”. Here you will see all of your favorite games.
How to Search for Games
Type the game you are looking for in Search found in the Menu. Click on the 'Search' button and you search results will be displayed.

You may also press 'Control' and the 'F' key on your keyboard for a search function to appear at the top right of your screen for the finding of words on your current screen.